Friday, 7 May 2010

Storage of clear mount alphas!

So I got Rough Type, from the Summer Mini catalogue.  I've even used it already, on a scrapbook page!  LOVE IT!  However, as I was looking at putting it together, I wondered how I was going to keep the clear mount alphabet in some kind of order.  With the wood mount alphas, you have a stamp case with slots in it to keep them from getting jumbled.  All my wood mounted alphas are in neat tidy rows in their cases, in alphabetical order.  I can't stand searching thru a jumble of stamps to find the letters I need, or to see if any are missing!  So I pondered and started putting the labels on my foam.  Then it came to me... keep the rubber 'matrix' that is usually tossed into the garbage!  See the photos for how I will be storing my clear alphas :)

Here is the new stamp set, I was giddy with excitement when it arrived!! :)
And here it is opened, and ready to be put together :)  LOVE that everything is die cut in the mini!

...and so I set about putting the label stickers on the foam of these awesome stamps.  When I came up with this brilliance! :)

Do you see what I've done?  I saved the 'matrix' of the stamps, you know, the outline of what was leftover!  I put my labeled stamps back into the slots they came out of, and now the label shows through.  So now I will be able to tell where the letters are, even tho they aren't quite in alphabetical order they are easy enough to find, and I will be able to tell if any letters or the big circle are missing.  *AND* they won't fly all over when I open the case to get them out!! :)  Genious I tell ya! :)  I'm sure someone else has already thought of that tho! LOL!

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See ya!


Lorna May said...

Just came to your blog from crafty storage. What a great idea. So simple yet I would never have thought of it.
Off to check out some more of your posts:)

Anonymous said...

That seems like a good idea of making sure you haven't lost any stamps, although I don't understand how the stamps could go flying when you open the case. The cling side of my stamps just stick to the plastic case (like it would to a clear block) and I can turn the case around and see the stamps through the back.

Kristi-Anna said...

Annonymous... for the flying stamps. When I put the sticker on the foam so I can see my stamps, they no longer stick to the case like they stick to the block. It's annoying, but c'est la vie.

cindy ziliak said...

A friend just suggested this method of storage to me. It worked great!

Queen Bee said...
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Queen Bee said...

What a GREAT idea! Looks like I will be doing some reorganizing....AGAIN! LOL