Wednesday, 12 October 2011

I'm back!!

I'm not sure where I went, but I'm back.  This week things are crazy with Michael working 72.5 hours between three jobs, me finishing up a two week extra job, and my regular job... yes, the pay cheque at the end of this time will be great... but... in the meantime a lot of other stuff is suffering!!

I have three ladies signed up for the MARKER CLUB!!  We need a fourth to get started... is that person YOU!?  The cost would be 50$ per month for 4 months (consecutive, or alternating it's up to the clubbers!), plus shipping and taxes.  You'll learn a new technique to use your markers every month.  You will get the minimum hostess rewards of $35 for ANYTHING YOU WANT!!!  Plus, you will get the case for the markers and at least one set of markers on your turn as hostess, and the months you are not the hostess, you will still get your marker family, plus anything else you need :)  It's WIN WIN!!!  Let me know when you'd like to start :)

So... there's card club tomorrow night.  We'll be making a Christmas card, and a Fall themed card.  Start building your enthusiasm for the Christmas Card class coming up in a few weeks time! :)  The card pictured below is a sample of one of our cards for tomorrow night :)

Have a happy day!
See ya! :)