Monday, 14 June 2010

Scrapbook Yardsale - THE GREAT PURGE!

So on Friday night, I sat down and reorganized my markers, taking out all the retiring colours, putting my new marker colours and insert into my marker case.  Seeing the words "30 colours are retiring" sounds big... but SEEING all the colours piled up - markers, ink pads, etc.... it looks so much BIGGER!!

But that means there is more for YOU!!  More to sell in the yardsale, kijiji, online, and ready for NEW new NEW accessories and colours and stuff!!!

 28 ink pads I have to release to new homes.  I did keep a few of my favourite colours tho :) LOL

 Last night I sat and took my new catalogue out, and went through each and every stamp set I own.  I haven't done the 'great purge' of that cupboard in a while it appears!!  This picture doesn't even show it all.  I have a banana type box that is almost full too!

Time to pass on the beauty to other folks :)

I do hope to create today, but am aiming on getting some class kits by mail put together and mailed out this evening, and doing some more purging today too!! :)

Have a happy day!

See ya!


Lizzy Simpson said...

Ooooh! Look at all the yummies! When and where is your garage sale?


terriavidreader (IN-USA) said...

Oh, I hope you mean a garage sale online since I don't live near you!! I'd love to have some of these - please consider some blog candy instead!

Joy W. said...

Can you send me a list of the ink pads you are getting rid of and the price you are asking? I would be interested in any I don't already have...

Isaac said...

You should list your stuff for sale online. There are several sites that will allow you to do so. I recommend because it's great and totally free.

Carolyn Herbert said...

Wow - that is a huge pile. I can't imagine purging it all. Aren't there some sets that you just love and can't say farewell to?! Wow. You have much more bravado than me. :)