Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Tool Time Tuesday - Stampin' Scrub!

I thought I would take some of the 'favourite tools' from the facebook fan page contest, and feature them on Tool Tuesday!

April H. said this " I would have to say my stampin' scrub because I loathe when my stamps get dirty LOL. I love being able to clean them super fast and super well. I might be a geek ;)"  

Stampin' Scrub102642 $20.95
Stampin' Scrub Refill Pads 101230 $12.25
Stampin' Mist 102394 $5.50
All can be purchased in my online store

I had to laugh out loud, because I too can be geeky about cleaning my stamps!  The Stampin' Scrub is amazing for getting into the nooks and crannies and detailed parts of your rubber stamps.  The scrub pads have a nap to them, so they get into those grooves and get the ink out.  The Stampin' Scrub is easily cleaned as well.  Depending on how often you stamp, will dictate how often you will have to clean your scrubbing pads.  I do it on an 'as needed basis'... as in, it needs washing as my stamps are not coming out clean! :)  You can just pop the pads right out of the scrubber case and wash them with a gentle hand soap in the sink, and let them dry over night.  Do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT use the heat gun to speed dry your scrubbing pads.... don't ask ;)  You can speed it up with a hair dryer as it doens't get nearly as hot as the heat tool. ahem.

To use your Stampin' Scrub, just spray it with some Stampin' Mist on the side labeled "wet" (it has raindrops on it!), rub your inked up stamp on it, and the mist will suds up just a bit.  Then rub it on the dry said (it has an umbrella marked on it!). VOILA!  You are done :)  I like to clean all over the pads so as to not wear them out in one spot. 

I LOVE my Stampin' Scrub!  It makes cleaning your stamps easy peasy, and the Stampin' Mist also conditions the rubber to keep it in excellent stamping shape! :)

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