Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Tool Time! - Colour Coach

Last year Stampin' Up! introduced a new Colour Coach.  The old Colour Coach was a wheel, the colours were small samples, and the wheel was not compact, even though it was flat.  It served its purpose, and served us well.  Then SU! introduced the New and Improved Colour Coach!!

The Colour Coach is now 2x4 inch swatches of full colour on the back, with colour combinations on the front. It has a full card for each SU! colour, a quick reference for all the colours in each collection, and blank cards to make your own combinations!   It encourages colour combos that I wouldn't normally use, and has become one of my most valuable tools!!  Isn't it pretty!? :)

The new Colour Coach is also very versatile, compact, and easy to take with you places.  Because of the new style with the removable metal fastener, you can add in the In Colours to the Coach, and remove the old ones when they retire.  You can rearrange your Colour Coach according to your own needs.  I have mine arranged by Colour Family, while I know others have them by colour, or shade.

The Colour Coach is a valuable resource, available for purchase for only 18.95 (order number 120148).  Each of the two In Colour Collections can be added for a cost of 3.25 each (pg 174).

I look forward to assisting you with your purchase of the Colour Coach!

Have a happy day!
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