Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Facebook page!

I have a Facebook Fanpage.  I post things there that don't get posted here, or at different times. I will run contests there that are not happening here... It's a great little community!

So...I'm going to run a contest on the Facebook Page. I'm coming up with some ideas for prizes... 1 free month of card class for the winner, if you are not local I will mail the card kits to you! When the fan page gets to 125 people I will do the draw using random.org. I will do a second contest/draw after we reach 125!! So get sharing with your friends, and family :)

The kit will be reflected on the season... Autumn, Winter, Christmas, or birthday... will be themed.  I am MUCH better these days at mailing things out!!  The business is blooming, and so am I! :)

Thanks for checkin' out the facebook page :)

Have a happy day!
See ya!

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