Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Decorative Label Punch - Mat tutorial

 This is the completed project.  For those who left comments and reminded me that the punch is the DECORATIVE label and NOT Designer Label... THANK YOU!!! :)

The consensus is to do more pictorial tutorials :)  So I will work on that:)


These are the materials you will need.
Decorative Label Punch
Paper Snips
2 colours of cardstock

Tombow Mono Multi Glue
Punch 3 Designer Label punches - 2 of the matte colour and one of the focal colour

Cut one of the matte punched pieces in half length wise, from tip to tip.  You will need to snip off the points so that they do not show.  I do this after I have adhered the two cut pieces to the focal punched piece so as to avoid cutting too much off and losing the look on the front.  Adhere to the back of the focal piece.

 This is what the front will look like when the two matte pieces are adhered using Mono Multipurpose Glue.

 Cut the second matte colour as shown in the photo.

Cut the points off of each cut piece so they do not show on the front.  Adhere as shown.

The finished product!!  You can see this particular label in use on this sunflower card!

Have a happy day!
See ya!


Kris McIntosh said...

Your tutorial is clear and concise. I will be trying this out very soon. Thanks for Sharing.

Lisa said...

Great tutorial Kristi-Anna! Very easy to follow...good job!

thscrappinmama said...

Great job, I think you did awesome!

Barbara said...

Nice job. Always show the finished item first so folks know what you are working towards.

Anonymous said...

I think it is really clear, I like it, now I want to try it!! later today!


Bonnie said...

Great Job! I much prefer a written tutorial vs a video. I have a way to keep a paper copy and don't have to jam up computer.
Your tutorial was very clear - thanks.
Bonnie in VA

Karen said...

Thanks Kristi-Anna for the tutorial. I like both the pictures and the words and videos. The pictures and words I can refer to in the future and the videos are a good "show me". Your tutorial is very clear.

Anonymous said...

This is great! So simple to follow with such incredible results. Can't wait to try it myself!