Monday, 6 September 2010

Stamping on Cake!!

Yes, you read that right, stamping on CAKE!  Today is my wonderful husband's birthday.  We have an anual Labour Day BBQ at my Aunt and Uncle's house, and sometimes Michael's birthday falls on Labour Day :)

Anyway, b/c of the bbq, I said I would bring dessert.  So baked up a fabulous, from scratch, chocolate cake.  OOOOOhhh it is so good! I got a new recipe for chocolate fudgey filling from my friend Lisa, and it was a HUGE HIT!!!  I mean, my cousin's husband thought it was from a local bakery!!  WHOOT!

So I learned how to do a crumb coat, and I had a crumb free icing.  I then put red shells on the bottom and the top of it.  I wrote "Happy 35th Birthday Mike!" on it, but it still looked... well, boring.   LOL  It's true.  It did.  So I went down to my crafty studio, and came up with a swirly stamp from Christmas Presentation.  I gently pressed the stamp into the icing, which had hardened just enough... and then piped red icing over the impression.  SO EASY!!!  I plan to do this more!! :)

So here's a photo :)

This was my first attempt at this.  My hand was not too steady, and I think I need to adjust the consistency of my icing, or get a different tip.  But overall, I am super pleased with how this turned out!! :D  It tasted fabulous too :D

There's LOTS of cake here, enough for the children to take a piece to school, and for us to have it again after supper tomorrow night!!  Insanity I tell ya... but a nice treat for the kids for the first day back to school!

Have a happy day!
See ya!


Pam Staples said...

That is so cool! Great idea and love the look. Thanks for sharing!

Kristin Markus said...

Do explain the crumb coat. I hate some major issues with that on my last cake!!

Stampmouse said...

this is awesome!!!!

Kristi-Anna said...

Kristin, I too had huge issues with crumbs before. What I did yesterday was put a thin thin coating of regular icing on the cake. I didn't thin it down with milk or water, just used it thick. I have a great spreader from Pampered Chef that I use. I spread it so thin that you could see the cake through the icing! I then left it for about 15 minutes or so while I ran an errand. When I came back, the cake was 'crusty' from the crumb coat. I then iced as usual, applying a bit of a thicker coat of icing, but then thinning it out as I went along smoothing :) Virtually NO CRUMBS!! I was SO happy!!!!