Saturday, 27 March 2010

NSR: Please pray - for Joel

I heard some awful news this morning, and the same news from another friend this afternoon.  I am calling on you, my faithful readers, to pray for this little boy.  He is 4/5 years old, and has been suffering headaches.  Yesterday they discovered a brain tumour.  At 8:30am today, he went into surgery at the children's hospital in the National Capital Region.  The surgery was to take 8-14 hours. I have no new news.  Please feel free to hop on over to On The Old Path and read about Joel, and his amazing parents, and the start of his incredible journey!

I'd like to call out to my paper crafting friends, for those who would like to send an encouraging card to Joel or his parents/family.   My heart hurts at the suffering of this child!

If you would like to send a greeting, please leave a comment and I will get an address to you :)


Teri Klawitter said...

Sending thoughts and prayers...
I would be honored to make a card and send

Kristi-Anna said...

Teri, can you please send me your email address so I can get you an address to send the card to :)

Brenda H said...

Hi Kristi-Anna
I will send my thoughts and prayers to Joel and his family
It would be a great pleasure to send him a card.
I know too well the journey they are on right now.
Thank you thinking of doing this for them. They will know from the cards that there is a lot of support out there while they go through this.

Glenda said...

Please send me the address, I would like to let the family know they are all in my prayers!

Alita said...

I would like to send a card of encouragement to both Joel and his parents. Please send me an address as to where to send the cards.
Thank you so much for doing this for them.