Thursday, 11 December 2008

Groovy Girls Blog Candy!

ETA: A few have emailed me saying they have nobody to give the doll/pet to! If you want to enter, feel free, and then donate it to a family in need, or your local food bank, or somewhere that is collecting new toys for Christmas!! :)

I know this is not stamping related at all, but it is Christmas, and I do have these extra dolls to give away! LOL!
So I thought I'd like to share the wealth, so to speak. Last month when we won the Groovy Girls I wondered what I would do with all those dolls and pets!! I donated a pet and a girl to the Port Weller School Winter Wonderland raffle table. I am keeping a girl and a pet for each of my daughters for Christmas. That leaves me with 5 dolls and 2 pets! I am keeping some to use as birthday gifts... and I thought I would do a giveaway for a Groovy Girl and a Groovy Pet!! The best thing about these dolls is that they are the RSVP dolls! They come with a tag that has a code for going online to play games, change their clothes, and have oodles of clean fun! Check them out HERE to learn a little more about them, and all the cool possibilities!

I am showing a photo of a random girl and a random pet, but those might not be the ones you win!! I will have draw 2 winners on Sunday evening, and I will let the winners know. To win a Groovy Girl or Groovy Pet, please leave a comment on THIS post, to gain a 2nd entry, link back to my blog and post a SECOND comment including the link back direct link!! :D Please let me know in your comments if you would like a PET or a GIRL! :)

When I draw the winner, I will email you immediately, and if I do not hear back by Monday at noon EST, I will have to draw another winner. I"d love for you to have your Groovy Girl/Pet for Christmas!

Happy Christmas!!!


Anne said...

hmmm, does #1 ever get picked? LOL
Great blog Kristi-Anna. I'd love to win one of those dolls for my niece. (just a house full of boys around here)
Thanks for the chance to win.

Tammy said...

That is so cute, I would love to win that for my granddaughter as I am having some trouble buying for her. As she is so little still and young that would be perfect for her.

cpullum said...

I would love to win this for my daughter!!!!

Paula said...

Those new pets are adorable! It'll be a tough decision to decide which of my 2 girls to give it too...maybe I'll just keep it LOL!

Thank You!

Marni said...

Hey Kristi-Anna! Love your blog!

Cathy said...

Hey Kristi-Anna, Please enter my name in the draw to win my daughter one of the cute little dolls. I have never seen them or even heard of them before this - they are sweet.
To Everyone: Good Luck
Kristi-Anna, thanks for paying it forward.

Tamara said...

Hey Kristi-Anna. I hope to hear from you later and I hope you and your family are having a wonderful Christmas season.

Annette said...

Love your blog! Have you already given away the dolls? I would love a doll or pet for one of my nieces! Thanks!

Half Assed said...

Can I enter

I have a boy and a girl. Would love either or and

Half Assed said...

Oops - It's Melinda lol

Rachel said...

My daughter would LOVE a groovy girl! :) Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

Mom of 3 said...

My sweet daughter would love one of these and with this Christmas being harder than most it would be a wonderful Christmas present!

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to win :-)

cobehale said...

Hey there! My girls would love to win one. They wouldn't care which one either!

Great idea Kristi-Anna!